Ginate High Carbon Plant Food -12 Pack Tub *includes sales tax*

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Ginate is an all natural fertilizer and soil enhancer.  It can be used on indoor or outdoor plants.  When applied Ginate is beneficial to the environment by offering slow-releasing nutrients while supporting a healthy and sustainable microbial/plant ecology.  In addition the Ginate process also offers benefits such as an increase in plant biomass and significant strengthening in antioxidation in fruits and vegetables.

Ginate is produced from the fermentation of Lignite from pure sources using the patented process developed by Advanced Environmental Technologies in Fort Collins, Colorado.  Thanks to the unique mineral origin, Ginate fertilizer contains > 70% of carbon-rich bioavailable organic matter and a range of beneficial trace elements. 


Guaranteed Analysis

Total Nitrogen (N) .....2%

Ware Soluble Nitrogen.......1.8%

Ware Insoluble Nitrogen.....0.2%

Available (asP205)...........2%

Soluble (K2o)..........3%